Dr. Frizzell's Background

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Jason R. Frizzell, Ph.D, PLLC

Dr. Frizzell is a licensed psychologist currently in independent practice in the Phoenix metropolitan area. He completed his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology at Arizona State University, then completed his Master's and Doctoral degrees in Psychology at Texas Tech University. He later completed both an APA-approved internship and a postdoctoral fellowship in forensic psychology at the  Center for Behavioral Medicine (formerly known as the Western Missouri Mental Health Center) in Kansas City, Missouri. 

Dr. Frizzell's full-time practice is devoted to psychological assessment and evaluations for a variety of presentations and disorders of adulthood. He also specializes in psychological evaluations in a variety of applications ranging from administrative and government referrals as well as forensic settings. His clinical training was gained through counseling centers, university and private hospitals, juvenile and adult corrections, and in both inpatient and outpatient psychiatric and substance abuse treatment settings. 

​Dr. Frizzell previously served as a chief psychologist in the Arizona Department of Corrections, where he developed programs such as mental health awareness training for corrections personnel, conducted psychotherapy with mentally ill offenders, and provided supervision for other mental health professionals seeking state licensure. He was also formerly employed as a forensic psychologist by the Maricopa County Competency Evaluation and Restoration to Competency Programs, where he conducted psychological evaluations for the courts.

Dr. Frizzell also currently has a faculty appointment at the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Arizona State University, primarily teaching courses in research methodology, abnormal psychology, and biological correlates of psychology. Past courses have included introductory psychology, substance abuse, personality theory, and statistics. He has also presented at several training programs for mental health experts pursuant to Arizona statute.

Dr. Frizzell can be reached at jason@frizzellpsych.com